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Skype Mobile
Skype is the most popular Voice over IP software. Now it is also available for smartphones. You can download Skype Mobile for mobile phone for such smartphones as Nokia, Sony Ericson, iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Philips, HTC, Siemens, Fly, Alcatel, Benq, Pantech, or Sagem.

On our website you can download Skype Mobile for free to expand your potential of communicating without borders.

The main features of the software are:
  • small size
  • compatibility with the majority of mobile phones software
  • compatibility with VGA and WVGA displays
  • possibility to work with Wi-Fi or 3G
  • easy and quick installation
  • 24 hours a day customer support service
If you are not sure if Skype Mobile is maintained by your smartphone, you can check it on our website before downloading the software. Moreover, on our website you can not only download Skype Mobile but also get a free instruction how to install it to your smartphone model.

Skype Mobile is a leader of the industry of online communication as it allows sending not only text messages but also making free calls in the system. Do not limit yourself in communication that can accelerate your business wherever you are! Also you can be always in touch with your friends.
It is very easy and will take only a couple of minutes to download Skype Mobile for smartphone and install it. You don’t have to pay anything for the service.

Skype Mobile provides you with:
  • user-friendly interface
  • journal of the recent events
  • account checkup option
  • possibility to transfer and receive files and messages
  • free of charge calls within the system
  • possibility to make distance calls on cell phones
Our website is created especially for the users of smartphones we know how important it is to be always online for your business. Therefore we offer you to download smartphone software in one place and for free. Check applications available on our website and chose the most useful for you. All of them are free and are provided with installation instructions for every smartphone model.

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Skype на телефон

Skype на телефон
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